Kyle McKee

Year Joined the Team: 2021 School Listed on My Diploma: Western Michigan University Expertise: Understanding Customers’ Needs Helping Customers Achieve Goals & Grow Brand Sports All things golf First Job: Dishwasher at Genitti’s Hole-In-The-Wall Memberships: USGA, GAM, MDG, Golfpass , Planet Fitness Who’s Your Home Team:  Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, Pistons

Bob Wilson

Year Joined the Team: 2014 School Listed on My Diploma: Rochester High School Expertise: Solving marketing challenges for clients looking for promotional products, and keeping them within their budget First Job: My dad’s Yamaha Motorcycle dealership Who’s Your Home Team:  Detroit Tigers

Bryan Smith

Year Joined the Team: 2010 School Listed on My Diploma: Wayne State Warrior Expertise: Office Tech Guy E-mail Interpreter Rush Job Master Promotional Product Hoarder All Things Downriver Coffee Taster First Job: Baker at Big Apple Bagels Memberships: Tim Horton’s VIP, AAA Auto, WRIF Fan Club Who’s Your Home Team:  Tigers

John Uetz

Year Joined the Team: 2011 School Listed on My Diploma: St. Clair Community College Expertise: Making all my accounts look good in the workforce First Job: Adray Appliance Warehouse Worker Memberships: Dabiero Charities, Moose International, Special Olympics Who’s Your Home Team:  All Detroit Pro Teams

Melissa Foster

Year Joined the Team: 2011 School Listed on My Diploma: Baker College Expertise: I guess you would say I am the sales woman that goes the extra mile for my clients since I put 31k miles on my new car last year! Promotional products expert for years! Not saying how many you might guess my age… Reality… Read more

Ron Griffin

Year Joined the Team: 2006 School Listed on My Diploma: University of Wisconsin Expertise: Taking care of business Detail oriented Follow through First Job: Stocking shelves & cleaning bathrooms at a retail store Who’s Your Home Team:  Detroit Lions

Steve Kreager

Year Joined the Team: 2013 School Listed on My Diploma: EMU Expertise: Customer Satisfaction First Job: Motor City Auto Auction Who’s Your Home Team:  Mustangs

Mark Dabiero

Year Joined the Team: 1976 School Listed on My Diploma: 50% Olivet/50% Street Savvy Expertise: Creative Projects Humanitarian Entrepreneur Selling a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves Office Mascot/Morale Booster Scrabble Sensai First Job: Setting bowling pins at Donora Dragon Bowling Alley Memberships: Dabiero Charities, Melvindale Alumni Association Who’s Your Home Team:  Olivet Comets