Promotional packages and kits for your business!

Shipped directly to your recipient or in bulk for your to distribute.

Why give one gift when you can give a bundle of gifts at once?! The latest trend in merch and custom swag is kits and bundles or boxes of items. You build your budget, we fulfill your kit! Make a big, branded impact on your employees, clients or prospects with a custom kit package filled with items sporting your logo.

Custom Kits & Bundles Frequently Used For:

  • Recognition Rewards
  • Team Member Anniversary
  • New Employee Welcome Gift
  • Prospect Marketing
  • Safety Rewards

Creating your promotional kit has never been easier

We make it easy to create custom bundles for new and existing employees. Whether you’re welcoming new employees to the team, thanking employees for their hard work, or sending everyone a morale-boosting work from home kit we’ve got you covered.

Create a branded kit in 3 steps:

  1. Chose the products you would like to include in your package
  2. Send us your logo so we can brand your products
  3. Select your delivery options and let us do the rest!
New employee welcome kit step 1: Choose your products
New employee welcome kit step 2: Send us your logo
New employee welcome kit step 3: Select your delivery options


Tell our team about your project and what you are looking for. We will present to you the perfect fit for your giveaway. On time. On budget. ALWAYS!

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Corporate Gift Box Ideas

With thousands of items to choose from, your custom swag box is just a few clicks away.

Here are some popular promotional items you might want to include in your branded gift for your employees, clients or prospects.

More Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Those are just a few of the products we have that you can customize with your logo. Take a look at the gift guides we’ve put together including our Holiday Corporate Gift Guide, Promotional Gifts for Young Women, and Promotional Items for Gen Z.

Feel free to contact us to talk about your vision for the perfect items to make your custom employee appreciation package. We’re available by email, chat, and by phone at 888-686-2890.

Built For You

Let us build you a company store and give your employees a coupon to shop custom gifts chosen by you! Company stores are also a popular way to achieve gifting without having to worry about distribution.

How Company Stores Work

  1. Create – Select store layout and begin building process
  2. Products – Select products & inventory process
  3. Launch – Let employees & clients know their sag is waiting
  4. Order – Place orders & let us take it from here
  5. Brag Your Swag – We fulfill the orders & you get to sport your gear & get back to your important work.

Take our company store for a test drive & let us know what you think!

Company Store example

Save time

Save money

Variety of Options

Employee Uniforms

Customer Appreciation

Anniversary Gifting

Safety Rewards

Awareness & Fundraisers

Brand Management