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Padfolios are the perfect gift or swag giveaway to employees and customers because of their versatility and lasting power. Imagine having your brand and logo in front of your customers and in their backpack or on their desk everyday! That is what journals, padfolios and binders will do.

Design: various sizes, styles, materials and colors give you the opportunity to select a padfolio or writing pad that is the perfect compliment to your brand and image. Soft materials, wide array of color options and product features you didn’t know you needed! One thing that people like to do is combine classic writing pads with the needs of technology and our ever changing environment. Padfolios are a perfect combination of both. Features such as built in power banks and charging elements along with stylus pens for a perfect add on product. TSA compliant is another great feature that is perfect for the traveling sales rep in your group!

Sustainability: giving products that the recipient will keep and use is the key to your promotions success. Portfolios are a great go-to because of their longevity and impressions of your brand. Long lasting materials are used to enhance the quality of the brand, allowing the receipt to hold on to that merch for years to come. In addition, selecting a padfolio with a refillable notepad is a great way to ensure your promotional giveaway sticks around for years to come.

Branding: Your brand is our business. What better way to get your logo in front of employees and clients than with the branding options of deboss, printing, foil…just to name a few. You can go with the subtle and understated looked and appearance, or the more stand out of a full color graphic. Using high-end materials, you can boost your brand and logo with a high end and elegant feel.