Oversized/Relaxed with slight drop shoulder streetwear fit
Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease
2% lycra neck rib
7.5 oz., 100% USA cotton, 16 singles
Heather Grey is 90% USA cotton/10% polyester
Charcoal Grey is 50% USA cotton/50% polyester

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 0.22 in
Size & Color

Black S, Black M, Black L, Black XL, Black 2XL, Black 3XL, Black 4XL, Black 5XL, Black 7XL, Brown S, Brown M, Brown L, Brown XL, Brown 2XL, Brown 3XL, Brown 4XL, Brown 5XL, Brown 7XL, Burgundy S, Burgundy M, Burgundy L, Burgundy XL, Burgundy 2XL, Burgundy 3XL, Burgundy 4XL, Burgundy 5XL, Burgundy 7XL, Cardinal S, Cardinal M, Cardinal L, Cardinal XL, Cardinal 2XL, Cardinal 3XL, Cardinal 4XL, Cardinal 5XL, Charcoal Gry Hth S, Charcoal Gry Hth M, Charcoal Gry Hth L, Charcoal Gry Hth XL, Charcoal Gry Hth 2XL, Charcoal Gry Hth 3XL, Charcoal Gry Hth 4XL, Charcoal Gry Hth 5XL, Charcoal Gry Hth 7XL, Dark Grey S, Dark Grey M, Dark Grey L, Dark Grey XL, Dark Grey 2XL, Dark Grey 3XL, Dark Grey 4XL, Dark Grey 5XL, Dark Grey 7XL, Gold S, Gold M, Gold L, Gold XL, Gold 2XL, Gold 3XL, Gold 4XL, Gold 5XL, Heather Grey S, Heather Grey M, Heather Grey L, Heather Grey XL, Heather Grey 2XL, Heather Grey 3XL, Heather Grey 4XL, Heather Grey 5XL, Heather Grey 7XL, Hunter Green S, Hunter Green M, Hunter Green L, Hunter Green XL, Hunter Green 2XL, Hunter Green 3XL, Hunter Green 4XL, Hunter Green 5XL, Hunter Green 7XL, Kelly Green S, Kelly Green M, Kelly Green L, Kelly Green XL, Kelly Green 2XL, Kelly Green 3XL, Kelly Green 4XL, Kelly Green 5XL, Kelly Green 7XL, Khaki S, Khaki M, Khaki L, Khaki XL, Khaki 2XL, Khaki 3XL, Khaki 4XL, Khaki 5XL, Navy S, Navy M, Navy L, Navy XL, Navy 2XL, Navy 3XL, Navy 4XL, Navy 5XL, Navy 7XL, Olive S, Olive M, Olive L, Olive XL, Olive 2XL, Olive 3XL, Olive 4XL, Olive 5XL, Orange S, Orange M, Orange L, Orange XL, Orange 2XL, Orange 3XL, Orange 4XL, Orange 5XL, Powder Blue S, Powder Blue M, Powder Blue L, Powder Blue XL, Powder Blue 2XL, Powder Blue 3XL, Powder Blue 4XL, Powder Blue 5XL, Powder Pink S, Powder Pink M, Powder Pink L, Powder Pink XL, Powder Pink 2XL, Powder Pink 3XL, Powder Pink 4XL, Powder Pink 5XL, Purple S, Purple M, Purple L, Purple XL, Purple 2XL, Purple 3XL, Purple 4XL, Purple 5XL, Purple 7XL, Red S, Red M, Red L, Red XL, Red 2XL, Red 3XL, Red 4XL, Red 5XL, Red 7XL, Royal S, Royal M, Royal L, Royal XL, Royal 2XL, Royal 3XL, Royal 4XL, Royal 5XL, Royal 7XL, Sky Blue S, Sky Blue M, Sky Blue L, Sky Blue XL, Sky Blue 2XL, Sky Blue 3XL, Sky Blue 4XL, Sky Blue 5XL, Turquoise S, Turquoise M, Turquoise L, Turquoise XL, Turquoise 2XL, Turquoise 3XL, Turquoise 4XL, Turquoise 5XL, Turquoise 7XL, White S, White M, White L, White XL, White 2XL, White 3XL, White 4XL, White 5XL, White 7XL