Masks are not all the same – so which one is right for you?

With new social distancing rules and parts of the country starting to open up, many people are in need of masks and PPE items to keep themselves protected! As we have all seen on the news and in advertising, there are different kinds of masks at different price points. So which one is right for you and your needs? Here are some mask options below with different breakdowns of the function!

Caution Disclaimer: our masks are for non medical uses. 

Disposable, KN95 and Cotton Masks

Disposable Masks

These masks are meant for a one time use.
Three levels of filtering to give protection to the person wearing the mask.

FDA Approved
Ships within 24-48 hours.

As low as $.90

Disposable face mask information
KN95 mask information
KN95 Masks

These masks are a step up from the disposable mask and offer a little more comfort to the person wearing the mask. With a nose tip and arc design, the masks gives a little more room and breathability and a little extra protection.

Ships within 24-48 hours.
FDA & CE Certified

  • Covered Nose Tip
  • 4 layers of protection
  • Efficient filtering
  • Comfortable & breathable

As low as $3.00

Cotton Masks – 1Ply and Up

Cotton masks come with different levels of protection. The basics thing to look at when researching masks is how many ply they are. 1 ply and up. Depending on the use, and the level of protection required, you can get a mask that fits your needs. The basic 1 ply masks is not meant to be worn as a means of protection on its own. It is often times worn over another mask. On the other side of things, if you are in a warm environment or doing physical activity, having a mask that is 3 or 4 ply may be too hot and uncomfortable for the person wearing it.

Hanes Face Masks

Cotton 3 PLY

Hanes FDA Approved

3 PLY 100% cotton, moisture wicking

Cotton 2 PLY

100% cotton
Washable and reusable
Available with screen print or embroidery
In stock and ready to ship!

As Low as $2.15

2-ply mask