50/50 combed ring-spun cotton/polyester pre-shrunk jersey
Moisture wicking for all-day comfort

Additional information

Weight 0.5035 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 15.5 × 0.17 in
Size & Color

Black Ink S, Black Ink M, Black Ink L, Black Ink XL, Black Ink 2XL, Black Ink 3XL, Black Ink Heathr S, Black Ink Heathr M, Black Ink Heathr L, Black Ink Heathr XL, Black Ink Heathr 2XL, Black Ink Heathr 3XL, Blush Pink S, Blush Pink M, Blush Pink L, Blush Pink XL, Blush Pink 2XL, Blush Pink 3XL, Carolina Heather S, Carolina Heather M, Carolina Heather L, Carolina Heather XL, Carolina Heather 2XL, Carolina Heather 3XL, Chrcoal Heather S, Chrcoal Heather M, Chrcoal Heather L, Chrcoal Heather XL, Chrcoal Heather 2XL, Chrcoal Heather 3XL, Deep Purple S, Deep Purple M, Deep Purple L, Deep Purple XL, Deep Purple 2XL, Deep Purple 3XL, Denim Heather S, Denim Heather M, Denim Heather L, Denim Heather XL, Denim Heather 2XL, Denim Heather 3XL, Digi Teal Hthr S, Digi Teal Hthr M, Digi Teal Hthr L, Digi Teal Hthr XL, Digi Teal Hthr 2XL, Digi Teal Hthr 3XL, Fiery Red Hthr S, Fiery Red Hthr M, Fiery Red Hthr L, Fiery Red Hthr XL, Fiery Red Hthr 2XL, Fiery Red Hthr 3XL, Forest Grn Hthr S, Forest Grn Hthr M, Forest Grn Hthr L, Forest Grn Hthr XL, Forest Grn Hthr 2XL, Forest Grn Hthr 3XL, Indigo Heather S, Indigo Heather M, Indigo Heather L, Indigo Heather XL, Indigo Heather 2XL, Indigo Heather 3XL, J Navy S, J Navy M, J Navy L, J Navy XL, J Navy 2XL, J Navy 3XL, Maroon Heather S, Maroon Heather M, Maroon Heather L, Maroon Heather XL, Maroon Heather 2XL, Maroon Heather 3XL, Military Grn Hth S, Military Grn Hth M, Military Grn Hth L, Military Grn Hth XL, Military Grn Hth 2XL, Military Grn Hth 3XL, Mint To Be Hthr S, Mint To Be Hthr M, Mint To Be Hthr L, Mint To Be Hthr XL, Mint To Be Hthr 2XL, Mint To Be Hthr 3XL, Mustard Heather S, Mustard Heather M, Mustard Heather L, Mustard Heather XL, Mustard Heather 2XL, Mustard Heather 3XL, Oatmeal Heather S, Oatmeal Heather M, Oatmeal Heather L, Oatmeal Heather XL, Oatmeal Heather 2XL, Oatmeal Heather 3XL, Oxford S, Oxford M, Oxford L, Oxford XL, Oxford 2XL, Oxford 3XL, Peach S, Peach M, Peach L, Peach XL, Peach 2XL, Peach 3XL, Purple Iris S, Purple Iris M, Purple Iris L, Purple Iris XL, Purple Iris 2XL, Purple Iris 3XL, Retro Hth Royal S, Retro Hth Royal M, Retro Hth Royal L, Retro Hth Royal XL, Retro Hth Royal 2XL, Retro Hth Royal 3XL, Royal S, Royal M, Royal L, Royal XL, Royal 2XL, Royal 3XL, Scuba Blue S, Scuba Blue M, Scuba Blue L, Scuba Blue XL, Scuba Blue 2XL, Scuba Blue 3XL, Smply Aqua Hthr S, Smply Aqua Hthr M, Smply Aqua Hthr L, Smply Aqua Hthr XL, Smply Aqua Hthr 2XL, Smply Aqua Hthr 3XL, Sweet Cream Hth S, Sweet Cream Hth M, Sweet Cream Hth L, Sweet Cream Hth XL, Sweet Cream Hth 2XL, Sweet Cream Hth 3XL, Taupe Heather S, Taupe Heather M, Taupe Heather L, Taupe Heather XL, Taupe Heather 2XL, Taupe Heather 3XL, True Red S, True Red M, True Red L, True Red XL, True Red 2XL, True Red 3XL, Vin Hthr Orange S, Vin Hthr Orange M, Vin Hthr Orange L, Vin Hthr Orange XL, Vin Hthr Orange 2XL, Vin Hthr Orange 3XL, White S, White M, White L, White XL, White 2XL, White 3XL