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Made in Detroit


There's a lot to be proud of in Detroit.


Made In Detroit has represented this city for over 20 years and has become a symbol of the resilience of Detroit and its people. This iconic image was built to represent the motor industry that made America strong, with a reminder of the city that fueled it. Much like the Motor City itself, Made In Detroit came back from bankruptcy to become a legend of its own. You don’t have to look hard to find this image on display on the streets around Comerica Park, or around the world as a reminder of what raw determination can do.


That’s why we are honored to have the privilege of being a licensee of the Made in Detroit brand.


At Lasting Impressions, we are extremely excited to give our customers the opportunity to incorporate Made In Detroit into any of their new custom apparel or drinkware. Turn your promotional products and gifts into something much more meaningful by showing pride in your city with the Made In Detroit logo.


Call us today or request a quote to learn more about how you can incorporate the Made In Detroit brand into your custom apparel and drinkware.


*The Made in Detroit logo can only be used as a secondary imprint in either black, red, or white; customer logo must be the primary imprint. There is an additional fee of $2.00 for 144 - 287 pieces, $1.75 for 288 - 575 pieces, and $1.50 for 576+ pieces.




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